• This isn't just a story


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    Author - Creatrix - Artivist

    i am an artivist


    i create with the intention to inspire, incite, or administer action.


    my art is story.

    the creative writings, the dancing, the collaborations,

    my actions


    this is the artivism.


    as an artivist,:,

    i message and model my art

    i use my social media platforms for both

    i give back to the communities i am part of

    i dedicate myself daily to serving the Earth

    i am an eco-village pioneer and permaculturist

    i play "regeneration" for team Gaia



    for a long time, Raver J has been an exploratory

    multi-media art experiment.

    she is my Muse.

    slowly, She became my living cosplay.

    courage channeled through her,

    allows me to follow my heart.


    this is guide-work,

    and is dedicated to

    the awakened and awakening

    resonant ravers and creatives

    to inspire, encourage, and support a journey

    of becoming a superhero/ine -

    change-agents for our world.







    *jivana - means "liberated"


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