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Tribe: Technorati ​

5D Manifestation: Rainbow light being, lucid-dreaming emanation of Gaia.

3D Manifestation in "Origin and Working Years":

Profile: Proud mixed breed

Height: 5'4'' / 5'9'' in stilettos

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Once blue now rainbow

Structure: Carbon and crystalline

Skin color: Was fair, now gold with micro-scale shimmer that makes her sometimes look lavendar. She can access normal range skin tones (although the change requires an extensive amount of energy, often goes to extremes, and is socially "complicated").

Fashion: Minimal clothing when passing through Nature. Pin-up when passing through cities. Wears heart-shaped sunglasses and pink shoes to remind herself to tread the Earth (when wearing shoes) lightly and from the heart. Her outfits are often royal blue or indigo representing voice, and committment to speaking Truth. Her checkerboard embellishment reminds us that duality is a reality but one we can transcend, but also that in this dimension there is a game being played, and for us to pay attention. She wears a sprial necklace that symbolizes "gratitude". Jivana loves supporting vintage, local-economy shops, as well as local artisans when passing through towns. Additonally, she loves costume swapping but to maintain her look and minimal lifestyle, only accepts that which fits her profile.

Makeup: Only cruelty-free and vegan, when she wears it. She uses minimal products. Conscious about ingredients used and recyclability of packaging. Prefers DIY options straight from Gaia.

Loves: Earth and electronic music. Avid dancer. Loves dance props (flags, hoops, scarves, fans), and getting her eyes painted elaborately with non-toxic paints.

Achievements: With the Technorati and allies, created "the moment" a glitch in the energetic Matrix attempting to control Gaia. This glitch allowed Gaia to infuse Earthlings with genetic memory reminding those here they are part of Her and on a mission to help Her raise her frequency as we will only evolve with Her.

Lifestyle: Nomad currently. Jivana is on the run from her previous work and lineage... Later in life, she will become a priestess and protectress for a temple of transformtion.

Mission: As a non-violent rainbow warrior protecting Gaia, Raver J is active in non-violent resistance using communication techniques, auric interplay, light distractions, and dance. Her accomplices use jump-style and Aikido techniques as their protection for the scene and tribe.

Power: The ability to use light and sound, through dance, to create a change in people's hearts. Music and light enhance her power. Additionally, Jivana is mildly telepathic, clairaudient, claircognizant, and a seer with precognitive and prophetic abilities.

Raver J, rave scene superheroine, was once a complicit part of a global corporatocratic cabal. In finding the rave scene, she transformed on the dancefloor where she found access to the latent powers of her heart. She became first a Democracity, then a global, activist exposing corporatocratic regimes of the "TC" (Transnational Corporations) aka (self-proclaimed) "The Chosen", while protecting the rave scene in the local area (which is always under duress).

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In the future, Jivana acts as a Gaian Priestess somewhere along Latitude 10. Through visionary quests, narrative, and discovery of missions, she helps people establish a harmonious relationship with Gaia, their true nature. The story currently being told Jivana's origin story; how she came to be. Subsequent adventures cover the years as a traveling superheroine and priestess in training.

Raver J's origin story (which is being told through Issue 01 "Save the Rave" comic and the literary novel RAVE: Mythophrenia and sequel) is about her spiritual transformation and how she became the Gaian priestess, corporatocratic exposer, and paradigm shifter.

RAVE: Mythophrenia was released in the Summer of 2019. The prequel, Raver J "Save the Rave" comic, received "10 Best of Summer" by L.A. Weekly.

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Raver J began in 2003. Her first debut was at Comic Con in 2004. That, "Issue Zero", is now in the vault. The journey of Raver J and her Creatrix are intertwined. The immense time gap between the old "Issue 0" and this new "Issue 1" was due to the spiritual journey of, * J I V A N A *.

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Jivana Thoreau, aka Raver J, is a semi-fictional character and muse whose story is translated by her "creatrix", * J I V A N A *.

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Artivism = Art activism.

The stories shared about the character of Raver J are artivistic because the narrative shared is intentional. It is meant to illuminate and to inspire one into action through self-love, guided by the heart, and on behalf of Gaia.

To play the millions of minds, to watch them slowly respond to an unseen stimulus, to guide their aspirations without their knowledge all this whether in high capacities or in humble, is a big and endless game of chess of ever extraordinary excitement.


-Fabian Society (Sydney West)

In response to this quote, Raver J reminds us that we are being played and "pay attention".

Copyright J I V A N A 2019