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frody fest

for cat lovers

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It's a 3 day celebration of cats everywhere and a great excuse for any of us who have lost beloved feline friends to re-mourn in a fun way. I started Frody Fest 3 years ago last May after I lost my kitty, Frody, whom I had for 20 years! That cat moved everywhere with me... he was such a loving and loyal friend. I miss him greatly and this is my way to remember him in an official way. It's also a way for me to mourn my father as well. It is from my father that I am a cat person.

I'm big on "making life playful". We're here, it's beautiful, we should not take life so seriously - so let's not! Making new rituals is one way I have learned to engage with the playfulness available in this existence.

And in this existence, I'll stay persistent.

And I'l'l make a difference. And I will have lived it.

- Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People

You can check out another idea I have here for celebrating a special time of year specific to the blooming of an incredible tree with electric yellow blooms that rain for one day only.

Getting back to Frody Fest, I, too, made a dedicated website for this celebration. If you are a cat-lover, I encourage you to check it out. This year we will be taking submissions for the slideshow. The website explains a little bit more about why it's a 3 day festival and the activities that can be joined in virtually on those days.

Meow for now. Cheers!



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