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JIVANA: What's in a Name?

I knew it before, but as soon as I started writing my novel it became ever so increasingly apparent to me.  Words are magic.  They play a big role in shaping our reality.  I will elaborate one day soon.  For now know this, I created the name Jivana.  I was inspired by a term I came across called "jivan" which meant liberated soul.  I knew instantly that would be the name for my character Raver J after her initial debut in 2004. 

Art by Andrea Jaq Lee, raverj, raver, raver girl, gratitude, edm life, plurwarriors, spirituality, higher consciousness, superheroine,  raise vibration, plur art, rave art, evolve edm, the crystal method, international ravers, adventure club, tiesto, armin van buren, insomniac, edc las vegas