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Project Free Bird is an awareness project. I always want to help and I always want to tie everything together.

First, let me tell you about Red Fawn. Red Fawn, a Water Protector, is now a jailbird. Although she shouldn't be. She has a website dedicated to what happened to her. It's called STAND WITH RED FAWN. I want to help set her free. Anyone that reads my novel will understand why I am picking this as something I want to bring awareness to. Anyone that knows me personally will understand why I take this personally. Please visit her website to learn more about her case, Native American history, and the mass incarceration crisis that affects the entire BIPOC community.

There are some other birds we can free as well. Scarlet Macaws. They are iconic birds that are indigenous to Central and South America. As we should all know, we have devastated our world with deforestation of the past and present. Luckily, where I live, the community started planting trees. Now it's time to bring back a beautiful being that had lost its home for over 70 years. That's right, the Scarlet Macaw. I have been working on a project to do just that for over 2 years with a great organization I work with called Wild Sun Rescue. We release the first birds in July of this year, 2019. These are not the only ones we need to free...

Be part of it...

Red Fawn

Red Macaws



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