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What's up with Koch?

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A blog post in dedication to my dear Spanda Makt

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What's up with Koch?

Good question. First you must understand...

For a long time, Raver J has been my exploratory,

multi-media pop-art experiment and a living cosplay.

Raver J is my artivism and part of my spiritual path.

This work is dedicated to

awakened and awakening ravers.

It is meant to inspire, encourage, and support anyone who finds my work and is on their journey to becoming a superhero/ine aka change-agent for the world.

Koch is pronounced "cock" in my story-world. Why? Because IT IS a poke at "The Patriarchy". Tongue in cheek ;) In order to change the world, you must first identify what needs to be changed about it. We need more balance. It's not there yet. We were stripped of the Goddess thousands of years ago and although She is making a come-back, we are far from the balance this world needs.

I am, therefore, not calling for a replacement Matriarchy. I am bringing to our attention, through story that we need to elevate women because we can help with the current meltdown.

According to some people, like Milo, women are elevated and everything is hunky dory peachy equality for all women (I might be exaggerating his viewpoint here just a little but I have not been impressed with his anti-Feminist rhetoric which many of his utterings are untrue, misguided, or ignorant). Yes, we have made some headway, in "The West". But we need is not domesticated women. We need wild women. Women who are women, not accommodating and stuck in the same trappings of the system that needs to be changed. We need women who recognize our intimate relation with Nature and realize there is value in reflection and pulling back, instead of blazing forward recklessly into the future because they are devoted to the blind-god of Money.

Are the Koch brothers my "bad guys". It's a fictional tale.... Years ago I must say I thought and continue to think they are evil. Perhaps there are more Koch brothers in real life. We typically hear of two. In my story there are three. One to represent Consumerism in its various forms, one to represent the Military Industrial-Complex, and one to represent the Priesthood (that laid the foundation for this system today). I will say that I do and will continue to post about "the real" Koch brothers (in real life pronounced "coke") when I feel like they should be called out on what I consider unethical behavior or if I believe they are undermining the world. That is not special to them though. Simply coincidental. I like calling out anyone I think should be exposed for undermining people or our Earth.

Again, the real brothers are not special. There's lots of people to be exposed and that is part of my work as an artivist, bringing people and happenings to light through art and story so we have a chance to change the world.

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