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    RAVER J COMIC BOOK ISSUE 001 is the (literary) novel primer and backstory of the character Jivana Thoreau aka "Raver J" (raver superheroine).

    Jivana Thoreau is a junior marketing VP who's always been driven by success. Her life vision—making it to the top of the transnational Koch Enterprises and enjoying the endless material luxuries and happiness afforded by the Consumerican Dream—is just within reach. But when she learns that the promotion she's worked so hard for is instead going to Victor, her ex-boyfriend and the CEO's nephew, her ladder of success splinters into kindling. In need of a distraction, she stumbles upon the illicit Democracity rave scene. Will she remain in complicity, living the life she knows as a corporate-climbing Koch jockey, or will she ignite a raveolution?

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