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    for JIVANA Novella 1

    Shar4, DJ/Producer

    BRAVO!! Finally finished reading this- can't wait to start on the next one! You are such an amazing writer- the words you put together and the journey you take readers on is truly incredible...I am so impressed! 😱

    Wolfie, DJ/ Producer

    It feels like the first time one discovers the music scene. Like stepping out of muggles into the magic.

    I love this music scene. So maligned in the mainstream media, its nice to have a book that takes you on a journey capturing that magic- and that genuine awakening to love, the environment and self growth.

    Tess Whitehurst, Author

    Imagine if William Burroughs were reincarnated as a corporate-slave-turned-rave-chick in an alternate, dystopian (but familiar) graphic novel-type reality. (!!!) Quantum physics, metaphysics, and environmentalism all play a role in this truly mesmerizing and unique little book...And this is just the first installment! Can't wait for the next one. I read it in one sitting, without stopping. If you have an interest in rave culture, science, and the sinister effects of corporate greed - and you like your literature intricate - this one is for you. Highly recommended.

    Verena Sage

    Immediately pulled in. Feeling the held Reverence laughing. Relating. Complete fracking aww of the beauty and the bestowed remembrance she has blessed us with. The way of the wording. I can see much of it in my mind.

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