SIGNED HARD COPY - Raver J, "Save the Rave" Issue 001

SIGNED HARD COPY - Raver J, "Save the Rave" Issue 001

The long awaited hard copy of the Raver J comic issue 001, Save the Rave", is finally out! This beauty has been printed on recycled paper by the socially conscious Indie Printing.

In digital form alone, this comic received accalim by making the "10 Best of Summer" list by LA Weekly.

This price includes:
1 SIGNED HARD COPY of Issue 001 Raver J "Save the Rave" comic
1 Digital file of this same issue
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$5 of this price goes to cause below.
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In 2004, the original Issue Zero was debuted at Comic Con.  Copies of Issue Zero are rare but are sold here.  This new color comic, Raver J "Save the Rave" Issue 001, expands on the original story presented in issue zero.  This comic also serves as a character guide and visual backstory to the literary novel about Raver J called, Rave: Mythoprehenia (which came out in 2019) and it's sequel, Rave: Mythopoetica (coming out in 2022).  The two novels plus the pre-quel comic book (which is this Issue 001 "Save the Rave" ) form a trinity offering and Raver J's complete origin story.

This story is more than my fictionalized spiritual journey, this is a testament to all of those who feel the Love.  We know that through this culture we can taste, access, or experience lucidly the revered Awe that we are the All and Everything.  Everytime we experience the expansion of our indvidual consciousness on the dancefloor from those co-created good vibes of our fellow party people, we keep this possibility, this sacred portal, open and for the benefit of all beings.

This story is being told to validate the experience of all those within the global electronic party scene who already know they are superheroes.  Most importantly it is to inspire and activate this remembrance within all our party people.  All of us have innate natural superpowers; the highest being Love. It is time to rise above fear and make Love the baseline frequency for this world. 

$5 of this purchase goes to (split between):

Red Fawn Fallis - a Water Protector who we believe was framed at Standing Rock.  She has been recently released but can use financial support and knowing it is coming from the love of a greater community who understands the importance of the work she was doing and appreciates her frontline support many of us wish we could do.

My own blood sister, Christine - she requires some corrective surgeries to help her breathe correctly.  She is currently operating at less than half of normal breath capacity.  She is the one who created the original Raver J logo and website prior to Comic Con in 2004.


We are the ones we have been waiting for.

With great and Unconditional LOVE (Peace, Unity, Respect and Responsibility),




There are more Earth harmonious options for almost everything now.  I invite you to explore them.  How do you find them?  Search "eco-friendly" in front of anything you are in the market for. Remember that there is no easy "away", so consider simplifying, reducing, reusing, and recycling.

There is also a lot of "greenwashing" and propaganda which plays on our emotions.  Stay alert.  Join groups who have been working "in the field" for a long time and find out what the nuances are.  

Consider joining Electronic Music Alliance where we are forming community to address these matters.


Caitlin Johnstone.  She is hilarious and speaks what I sometimes wish I could but don't have timeto write.  

Subscribe to "Wrong Kind of Green" and especially check out the website .  The blogs A Wrench in the Gears, Civilianare, and AEVA also provide provacative perspectives.

We are at a crux.  Tech should be a tool, not the ruler of our future.  Be wary of a better future offered with images of technology and not trees.  What we will need is regeneration through soil restoration and reforestation.  What we need is to claim sovereignity over outsourced health and food systems.  The revolution is allowing the Earth stewards to continue living on their land and the revolution is us coming back to it with good, regenerative vs. extractive, habits.

Keep and open mind and open heart.  Let's continue to usher in the P.L.U.R. (peace, love, unity, and respect).