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at EDC 2019

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EDC has come up quick as I knew it would. Our desire to listen to each artist has not been fulfilled but thankfully, and just in time, Insomniac Records has released their EDC compilation and...

If there were ever a song that a) separated the Raver J story from that of Steve Aoiki's Impact theory comic and b) was a great leadin to the second novel or sequel of the Raver J origin story #THISSONG "Muscle Car" by Eli Brown.

Although I don't feel completely prepared, it's okay. I'm there to have an open heart and mind and discover music. We are looking forward to the extra day/ night of music at the campgrounds. All I know is FISHER and Bunny are playing, I'm there. Same for any girl. I want to check all ladies out. Years ago I liked Deorro. Excited to see what he's spinning if the timing works out. (Never know, I might like the poolside music at that time - ha). So in that regard, we do have a plan. Overall I am looking forward to the higher BPM typically guranteed. I'm ready!

On a separate note. If you want to listen to something old yet new, this compilation from 2004 is now online. It is the OG compilation to the Raver J issue 00 that was created by my friend DJK. Read what I had to say about the entire project in my mini-blog on Instagram.

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