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I'm not going to cover some of the "basics". That's not my style. What I want to point out are the subtler things I think we should prepare for. So this is not


I created a separate post about this specifically. Know that our festivals are sacred spaces of potential transformation. We are generating a lot of energy on the dancefloor both collectively and individually. So, if you could do anything with that energy, anything at all... what would you use it for? Personal gain or world peace? Hoping you side with serving the world, (and it is my intention to help steer you that way) but, don't let me limit your creativity so long as it's harmonious with MA Earth.


This goes with the next topic. We want to be healthy before we arrive. We should be charged and read to go, top partying potential. So let's start eating well before we get to the event. "Eat the rainbow". Whole foods (limit processed crap). Organic foods. Mostly veg. Not too much but enough so we are well fed. Save the juicing and detoxing for after the party.


Get some rest. Try not to stress yourself out before the event (say with packing). Again, we want to be in top party condition for multi-day festivals. Mind, body, and soul are connected. So prepare your Soul by resting (mental health) and eating well (physical health).


Have you checked the website for the event yet? You should. Especially the health and safety page and all information they have on rules and suggestions of what to bring.


Remember that our parties have zero tolerance policies when it comes to drugs. That doesn't mean people won't be partying. That means that the website for the event will not remind us to use drugs responsibly. It doesn't mean they don't know. They do but legally we can't have drugs there so it can't be acknowledged as they are actively discouraging use. So read up on sites such as Dancesafe before the event. There's a lot of new and imposter drugs on the market. It's important to take into consideration what you may be ingesting and overall to be more knowledgable about recreational drug use. It could save your life or someone else's... Anyway I elaborate about drugs in another post. Read that one as well.


Websites like Dancesafe and also Electronic Music Alliance have advice on how to make safety plans. Be prepared. It's the least we can do for ourselves, our friends, our fellow ravers, AND the event producers! Let's take responsibility for ourselves so we limit their liability and they can keep the parties rolling ;)

Side note. Be prepared for the music. The new EDC compilation is out!


Basically it is this. Let's have a good time. Watch out for each other. Pick up after ourselves.

P.S. Keep the tips below in mind....

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