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The rave is sacred ground. Or, it can be. Especially if we choose to consciously "go in" with an intention of transformation.

We should always start with intention. This is what I teach (my yoga students) anyway. What is intention you might ask? You're asking for something you want to change or manifest in your life. It's a wish. A desire. I have an entire 3 part mini-series on my YouTube about Intention and Intention Setting (how to do it). Overall, it's simple. Sit or stand up straight so your energy in your body can move freely from the base of the spine to the top of your head. Now, tuck your chin slightly down towards your heart keeping the length in the back of your spinal neck. This keeps the energy moving freely and symbolizes that we are subordinating our egoic mind to the truth center of the Heart space. Then, ask your Heart. Allow an image to appear or maybe it's more like an inner-audible thought. If it feels right, crystallize the vision behind it your imaginal vision or create clarity around the thought by making it a positive affirmation. (Positive affirmations mean you say it as if it already is. (i.e. "My sister is healed of____, I have transformed ____, The world is harmonious, free, and ___”)

So what is my intention? Well, it's not like a birthday wish where if you say it, it won't come true. So I'll tell you. I wish to create within our scene an awakening and a "culture of responsibility". I have been working toward this in all I have done with both Raver J and EMA over the years. However, this is another step on the path of manifesting my intention into the world. We make our wishes. We see them, we hear them, we say them both aloud and silently. We breathe into the heart to empower them. And then we let the expectation of their Divine manifestation go as we make our own practical steps toward them. One foot after another. It doesn't matter if it's forward, it can be one side or the other so long as it's movement and it feels inspired. Overtime, you will see them coming to you. Forming first in the unseen and awaiting your recognition. When you see the glimmer of your manifestations, finally, thank It. Thank It All (whatever your concept of what that Is is ((winky face)).

Being able to go to EDC 2019 was an intention (if you are attending) that you have manifested, so good job to those that put it out there and have found themselves in a position to go! The journey begins when you leave the portal of your home. We step onto "sacred ground" when we arrive through the gates. Make this a holy event by setting an intention. Make it holier by setting a positive intention for the world. Let's "work" for something out there on the dancefloor. The sweat will be our testament. Our tireless pleasure, the sacrifice. If it feels resonant with you, join me in sending Love out to the world, our patient Mother Earth, awaiting the time when we will return our attention to and integrate with Her.

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