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Exploring Anarchy

· Personal Rants

I've always had anarchist leanings. Perhaps not a super rebel but I enjoyed some punk music, mosh pits, skater and surfer boys, and young-minded suspicions of the government (which do continue to be warranted). When I got older, and after attending business school, my rebellion morphed into corporate rebellion, and with the usage of designer drugs and the ingestion of electronic music, would spawn my character Raver J. She and I would then find ourselves on a path of spiritual rebellion from what we knew....

But I never called myself an anarchist. No. Too extreme? Or violent? No. I didn't know why - I just never did. Anarchy would be like calling myself an atheist, which I also avoided although I too have atheistic leanings even on my current spiritually devoted path.

So what is anarchy? I'm not sure. I want to know, now, after I attended an anarchy conference in Acapulco called Anarchapulco. (Yes, very clever and yet hard to say lol). What I can say is that it is more peaceful than we would think. It is definitely raver-conducive. There is cross-over here. It also made sense to me. Some. I have noticed in the (sorry to say it so bluntly though I mean it with the utmost reverence) "drug scene" a crossover of what I would consider "alt left" and "alt right". We converge in the space of sharing drug taking time and space and and in the converging there is a merging of ideas. Some so similar that we don't even realize we might whole-heartedly disagree about other things. I've noticed this for almost 20 years. I often wonder if we are confused or being confused. Anyway, I'm toe in and ready to stretch my arms out and glide through the waters of this topic this year.

Anarchy, here I come.