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We must be the Superheroes

The Raver J Project + Love Revolution Movement

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We must be the Superheroes

The intention behind this (multi-media) "project" has always been the making of superheroes. When the idea came to me many years ago, I could not have articulated that so simply, but I took the steps I saw anyway. I wrote words to describe pictures I saw and scenes I heard in my mind. Over time I would come to an understanding of what it was that I was really doing. Or at least wanting to.

Why we need superheroes

The world is melting. Massive die offs are happening of species all across the planet. We are poisoning the very thing that gives us life. Help is not coming from above. We must step into our own power that we find "within".

How we become a superheroes

There's a few steps and it depends on where you are at in your own personal evolution. Some of us are ready to kick-ass now. Awesome. Get in touch with me. I can put you to work ;). But some of us are not ready. You didn't even know that you could be a superhero until I suggested it now. Most will fall somewhere in between. I have a free slideshow you can check out here and in the future I'll be holding online talks and workshops. In the meanwhile, let me tell you what is involved.

  • Self Love/ Self Care (includes diet + exercise + artistic endeavor)
  • Action (Love is Wisdom and Wisdom is action)
  • Repeat

What is a superhero?

I should probably define it right? You don't have to be a two time martial arts champion and ninja. Although, that certainly helps. To me, a superhero is an everyday person who works to be sovereign in thoughts, health, and action for the planet. Yes, I am biased when it comes to this. My belief is that we must protect this Earth. We incarnated here either because we are from here or because we need to be here. If you think you are from space, cool. But you are here now. Even if you think you are destined for off-planet living later (be it by physical ship or your spirit-merkaba sending you back to Source), be here now. There is a theory that whatever happens to Earth will affect the entire galaxy, perhaps the entire Universe. Either way, a battle of consciousness is playing out between those that appreciate and want to preserve life, and those who are apathetic or worse, are intentionally allowing its destruction for personal gain. Pick a side. I did.

The Raver J Project is about uniting other superheroes, and creating more to join us. We need more action to push us toward the harmonious future we know can exist (if only more of us tried). The superheroes must come from within this planet as we cannot be assured anyone is coming to save us. Even if "they" or a "someone" did come, we wouldn't need them if we learned to tap into the powers we are inherently born into this world with.

Why am "I" a superhero?

For over ten years I have been consciously and intentionally walking my path. I had my first spiritual experience which led to a slow awakening in 2002. Once I had the time to start addressing it (in 2003 when I received the vision for The Raver J Project), I accepted a spiritual journey. Anyone on one of the many spiritual paths understands. It's different to be open to spirituality than it is to be intentionally engaging with it. The path has tumbles, slips and trips, but you feel it is a more magical and purpose-filled path. For years I have intentionally researched information to help me de-program myself. Yoga has helped. It has helped detox the old memories and emotions that get stuck in our muscles. The breathing connects us to this Planet (Gaia) and Source. So for over ten years I have had a daily yoga or meditation practice (or both) in addition to the charity, community service, and personal permaculture and green living work I do.

Who am I?

There is the creator of Raver J, (J I V A N A - writer and stage name) and then Raver J herself (the "fictional character" Jivana Thoreau - the muse). J I V A N A simply means "liberated soul". It's a mantra to be and stay free - one I have been trying to live by for many years. As "J I V A N A", the artist-writer-inspiratrix, I have been going down the path of ecologically harmonious living for over a decade. Every day on this journey (as I'll be on it forever) I try to do more, even if it's a micro step. So if I am to tell you about my opinions on "green living", "planetary healing", "holistic systems thinking", "sustainability", etc. it's because I live this way, and have been for long enough to talk about it. Because I was not always on this path, I have compassion and strategies for those who want to change.

If you are here (on Earth or on my page right now), maybe ask yourself why you are. I'm here for those that find me. Perhaps I am here for you.

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