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A global multi-media resurrection of the 1st Raver/EDM Superheroine launches tonight

Raver J comic character and superheroine planned to make a mainstage appearance at major Central American EDM festival this evening alongside a month long line up of song and video cameos, and global novella release on Friday.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - March 23, 2016 - EntSun -- Raver comic character superheroine and activist, Raver J will be given new life after recent creative commons release.  Her image and comic artwork are set to take the mainstage tonight in the visual show of Life in Color Guatemala as the first of several apprearances over the next month.

Last week, Raver J creator, JIVANA decided to release certain work to the creative commons.  "She needs to be set free" said JIVANA "it only makes sense as her story is artivism," (art activism) "and is meant to be shared to create further awareness about important global issues.  Her image is meant as a reminder for my community to constantly seek to connect the dots and believe we can change the rules governing current global social and environmental crises.  In short, she is an icon for the rave community to know that we can transform our world".

Inspired by the Raver J story concept, a MELT Creative co-founder was given permission under her recent creative commons release for Raver J artwork to be used for any visual performances at EDM festivals.

Her upcoming novel is scheduled to be published this Friday, and a vocal adaptation of the introduction of that novel is scheduled for release within the next month from the electronic producer(s) Table Syndicate.  Her likeness will also be found in the program video for the new nonprofit, International Ravers Charity which targets the global EDM (electronic dance music) community and encourages that community to solve worldwide water problems.

Raver J imagery will be available for certain creative commons usage for all approved artivists (art activists).  Images and general guidelines are available by contacting JIVANA directly through the Raver J website.  JIVANA will be discerning but her intention is to release most current artwork under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License although she is open to adaptations as others share alike and possible commercial usage if she thinks the use is for the greater good such as the usage for International Ravers Charity.


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