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Changing the Story with Raver J

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My story is meant to be an inspiration and resource for the awakening raver or any one that is waking up and wants to help change the world. This is the era of the Rainbow Warrior. It is through new stories that we will expose the current story for what it is, something that doesn't have to be believed in anymore and therefore can be recreated to a story that will serve us better.

There were people that lived on the lands before us, for thousands of years, in civilizations that were much lighter upon the land. They loved and respected where they were in the ecological system. There was another way... Today, we suffer greatly from a maelstrom of a seeming myriad of issues. Initially it can be hard to identify what is going wrong, then, once you start to see some dots and start to connect them, we can fall in the trap of that one "bad guy", that "one thing" to point our finger at. Some of us who have been trying to connect dots have come to the point where we see clearly that part, and a large part, of the problem are the stories we tell. The ones we don't even realize are stories. The ones we take as fact and forget that we created and... we can change. Convenient cultural amnesia.

Some stories are stronger than others, their impact more wide ranging, more pernicious in that they are less visible and so go unquestioned. One of these is about how our economy does and should work. The story has a name which I think we should create a better name for... but for the time being we will stick with it. 

For some time I have been a critic of over-consumption. However there is a story behind it, and that is the story of neoliberalism. Now, before you brush it off, this has nothing to do with identifying yourself as a political liberal or having progressive ideas. No, if you look at the definition (and please do), you will see it's what those that would identify as a "liberal" hate about many current "conservative" political parties worldwide. At it's core, it's really about establishing a new imperial order that serves only some handsomely, and others moderately well enough to live in a (forgive me) comfortable enslavement, and the rest living in a created state of poverty.

Depressing?  No, because when we can start to see the story, and connect the dots, there is hope... because we will start to understand we can change the rules. We just have to be willing to.

I know I will help change this story by the telling of my own. Happy Spring Equinox everyone. Jivana, she is risen ;)

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