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Raver J Creative Commons Release

Intention + Mantra: Create Waves of Change

After years and years of waiting, I'm ready to go no matter what. It's not necessarily impatience or tiredness or frustration, although I would be lying to say I have not harbored those feelings at some point along the 5 year journey I have taken for the Issue 1 redo of the original Raver J comic to finish.  No, this is about "the work".  I don't know how long my time is on this planet but I know what I'm here for and I need to constantly use my energies, my image, my resources, my anything to raise awareness about taking care of Mama Earth.

After recently viewing the Creative Commons 2016-2020 strategy and call to action... that's it - Raver J will be set free (to a certain extent). I have been using her imagery for PLURR Propaganda myself for years and I want to encourage others to use the artwork of Raver J for that purpose as well. She was always meant as a "save the planet" icon for the rave community. It will work better if more people, that resonate with her story or artwork, to share it. Propaganda is only effective if it's shared widely.

I  highly recommend you check out the Creative Commons video.

So what am I sharing? Good question ;) However, let's start with what the intention should be.

To be eligible to use Raver J art, you should identify on some level as an artivist. That means, a person who wants to use art as a means of activism. We are all sharing memes these days. Some of us focus on light, happy, spiritual messages, while others of us like the deeper content about political issues, social, environmental, and animal rights. As long as you have a message and you think that it falls within the ideals of PLURR, peace, love, unity, respect, and responsibility.

OR if you don't yet feel empowered enough to call yourself an artivist (I feel you, I was once there), and want to use Raver J sketch art as a spiritual, meditation coloring excercise to tap into your inner-artivist, cool.  Email me. An example of one of the sketches is below.  I have enough to make a coloring book!

What kind of license will I be granting? It will be fairly hands down to say that I will be granting a license where you need to attribute credit, without derivatives of the work, and for non-commercial purposes. To break that down further, if you want to just use something via a social repost app that I have already posted.  Done.  You win.

You can read more about that license here:

However, what is tickling my fancy most is this license:

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

What I like about this license is that I have a lot of work that does not have words on it that can be used for PLURR MEMES/ what I call PLURR Propaganda. Below is a variety of examples ranging from light to more serious. If you are promoting PLURR, use the work.


Art by Andrea Jaq Lee, raverj, superheroine, comic book, raver, raver girl, gratitude, edm life, plurwarriors, spirituality, higher consciousness, raise vibration, plur art, rave art, evolve edm, the crystal method, international ravers, adventure club, tiesto, armin van buren, insomniac, edc las vegas, creative commons

And for special circumstances where someone can prove it will be for the greater good, this license:

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

And it is possible... this has already been approved for International Ravers Charity.  Sometimes you just have to ask.

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