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Shero Fest FAQ



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Is SHERO FEST a festival?

Right now the term "fest" is used playfully to mean "festive". The Goddess is playful so why should we not be? So, no it's not a festival but maybe one day ;)

Are SHERO FEST events large?

As this is a new happening in our area, it is expected that the live events should be quite intimate. Especially for October as it becomes challenging if there is heavy rainfall (which our area needs!). However, the more the merrier. If you know people you sense might take a liking to Shero Fest, share Shero Fest with them and invite them to an event you will attend. If you are a person who has realized you want to work toward spiritual liberation, this is definitely for you. Have you checked out our events page? Click here.

Right, so what is SHERO FEST?

Hosted by JIVANA, Shero Fest is a bi-annual Navaratri-inspired multi-week event. In places of traditional celebration such as the Indian subcontinent, Navaratri is known to be a 9 night/ 10 day event celebrating the (spiritual) struggle of good and evil but eventual victory through the ultimate super-shero, Durga (her depiction is above).  SHERO FEST provides the a means to honor this Goddess and the teaching she brings through her story.  During SHERO FEST we celebrate Her through practice by activating our inner- super-s/hero powers through a 2 week time span of encouraged virtual sadhana and LIVE offering- activation-practice-ritual events.

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As a MahaDevi, she is considered the Supreme Goddess and thus represents all goddesses and Shero-warrioress archetypes. All of whom (from any culture) can thus be acknowledged and revered during this time period.

In a way this is a personal invitation, extended to the larger community, to practice in a way that JIVANA wishes and with her. JIVANA has felt inspired to create both Shero Fest and host other recent spiritual events (inspired by long standing spiritual celebrations in India) to provide both herself and others an opportunity-portal, a time interval of intensified spiritual practice.

Is SHERO FEST just for girls and ladies?

All events within SHERO FEST can be joined and celebrated by any one. We do prefer participants for the Aves hotel events series to be 18+ years of age. The Tiny Temple for Devi tree consecrations can be attended by all ages.

When does SHERO FEST occur?

Although there are quarterly Navaratri's, JIVANA will host only bi-annual SHERO FESTS every March and October.

How is SHERO FEST different than Navaratri?

SHERO FEST will be centered around Durga but will be open to sharing information and reverence for other Goddesses and heroines as well.

What does it cost to take part in Shero Fest?

What are the different events?

View the outline of events on the SHERO FEST website. When you sign up to participate in SHERO FEST, by joining the kula (WhatsApp group), you will be given detailed descriptions of daily offerings, live events, and satsangs. You may also visit our events page.

What's up with the WhatsApp group?

It's a way to connect! It allows for education of the virtual sadhana and myriad of events within (the time period of) Shero Fest as well as a space for accountability (check-ins and motivation) surrounding the sadhana. Special announcements will take place only here.

Don't worry, it's a temporary thing. You are not signing up for a new group forever. Think of it as a pop-up temple. You are going on pilgrimage and the temple is the place where you will receive your information AND can ask questions! It will only be operational for a short time span leading up to SHERO FEST and 2 weeks after so the kula (all of you) can integrate and share what comes up after the event. As things always do... ;) The temple doors will then be shut (no posting available). Previous attendees will be asked to leave the group unless they wish to stay till the next SHERO FEST (in this case, March).

IF you want a more permanent community that includes fellow SHERO FEST practitioners, you can join the JIVANA TANTRA group now or after Shero Fest. However, not all *information regarding Shero Fest will be updated to that group.

*Respect around the concept of consent is of prime importance in both the JIVANA TANTRA community (kula) and Shero Fest kula.

What is the "virtual sadhana"?

Sadhana is when you set an intention and a time period of dedicated practice. Sadhana can be self-created or self-directed but are sometimes prescribed by a teacher. A special spectrum of sadhana has been developed for SHERO FEST. Find out what that spectrum (meaning it goes from a beginner's level to more advanced) is by joining the Shero Fest kula (WhatsApp group).

Who is JIVANA?

JIVANA does not care to be defined but you can entertain her as a local mystic who finds herself doing priestessly things on occasion. She likes to create events, move, write and transmit. She has a place in her heart for the Shero-archetype. JIVANA has studied yoga and tantra since the mid-2000's and found herself teaching locally mainly at Anamaya, Rancho Delicioso, and her own shala. She is a classical non-dual tantra enthusiast (left-hand path), an example of karma yoga and seva, and an advocate for moksha (the goal of these paths). She is known for her playful approach to "the work". This event and the path she has been following have all been inspired by her personal astral-muse and spiritual shero, Raver J.

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OK, what is BOOMDEVI?

Ah, you are perceptive. You saw the icon at the top left of the SHERO FEST page. BOOMDEVI is JIVANA's forthcoming tantra-yoga and magick "school". If interested, join the JIVANA Tantra WhatsApp group for future announcements.