• A novel and comic accompaniment

    Musical Journey


    The tracks have been selected for various reasons. I will update the site with a blog post that expounds upon choices made. The time that the story takes place is a dimension between the past and present. Maybe think "futuristic 90's". I chose some of these songs due to their personal influence on the early part of the journey i, as the writer/ artivist, had in the scene. Those that know the " i ", will clearly see other parallels. It is not to be elusive or non-transparent but more of a matter of timing. For now, enjoy. Some of you will remember these tracks and some of you will be introduced to them for the first time. Have fun!


    Now is the time to recognize that we are co-creators in the reality we live in. There is great responsibility in that concept. It lends to the idea that whatever we actually choose to create or engage in perpetuates ideas and potential actions (and possibly forever). In sharing certain videos, I am aware (mostly - ha ha) of what those ideas are. As many of us know in the scene, just because fire burns doesn't mean we shouldn't play with it. What it means is that we need to respect what we engage in and possibly educate others about the caveats instead of mindlessly promoting potentially reckless ideas or behaviors. I'll address this in future blogs or vlogs.


    For those of you that will journey with me in my upcoming novel, you will see that I tell you to "put on your favorite electronic music". So.... send me your playlists! I'd love to listen or to post anything you put together as inspired from this work. Submit to me below. I'll share about it at very least on the @TheRaverJ InstaStory and will build a list on this page as well.

  • Shine Our Light

    A beautiful track by DJ Shar4


    Let us begin with a meta-theme.

    And then introduce you to our character...

    And we'll start her journey

    We end with the idea behind the books...

    The original soundtrack from OG Raver J Issue Zero


    Do you have a song, playlist or mix you think goes with the comic or theme

    that you would like me to share?

    Let's collaborate!

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