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    A novel and comic accompaniment

    Musical Journey

  • cryptocomics

    Fan playlist submission by David Brown


    The tracks have been selected for various reasons. The time that the story takes place is a dimension between the past and present. Maybe think "futuristic 90's" or "early Millenium". I chose some of these songs due to their personal influence on the early part of the journey i, as the writer/ artivist, had in the scene. Those that know the " i ", will clearly see other parallels. It is not to be elusive or non-transparent but that I will expound on this in future blog or vlog. For now, enjoy. Some of you will remember these tracks and some of you will be introduced to them for the first time. Have fun!


    For those of you that will journey with me in my upcoming novel, you will see that I tell you to "put on your favorite electronic music". So.... send me your playlists! I'd love to listen or to post anything you put together as inspired from this work. Submit to me below. I'll share about it at very least on the @TheRaverJ InstaStory and will build a list on this page as well.

    *Artists should not be construed as having given an endorsement of the videos shared here. Likewise, I am not endorsing the visuals or messages contained within these videos.

  • Shine Our Light

    A beautiful track by DJ Shar4

  • Novel Choices

    A good listen for the comic book


    Let us begin with a meta-theme 

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    Here might be an intro to our character. This song is based off of her "foreword" in the novel.

    The following might be music that played at Club Vinyl

    And then there was the rave...

    And possibly a track she heard the morning after.

    This could be Raver J's Marty Mix (in the novel)

    The original soundtrack by DJK for the OG Raver J Comic Issue Zero

    broken image

    A song for the desert valley.

    Possibly played at the New Moon Collective.

    Discussion at the Bombshelter?

    Life post party?


    And we end this note on more metatheme songs.


    Do you have a song, playlist or mix you think goes with the comic or theme

    that you would like me to share?

    Let's collaborate!