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  • Follow your heart, serve the world

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    Author - Creatrix - Artivist

    i am an artivist (art activist)


    i create with the intention to inspire, incite,

    or administer action.


    my art is story

    the creative writings, the dancing, the collaborations,

    my actions


    this is the artivism.


    as an artivist:

    i message and model my art

    i use my social media platforms for both

    i give back to the communities I am part of

    i dedicate myself daily to serving the Earth

    i am an eco-village pioneer and permaculturist

    i play "regeneration" for team Gaia.



    for a long time, Raver J has been an exploratory

    multi-media art experiment.

    she is my Muse, this "Raver J"

    slowly, She became my living cosplay.

    i channel courage through her "fiction".



    this is guide-work through light and shadow,

    and is dedicated to

    the awakened and awakening

    ravers and creatives

    to inspire, encourage, and support a journey

    of becoming superhero/ine -

    change-agents for our world.




    In 2002 the artivist known as JIVANA had an intense spiritual experience on a dancefloor. A year later the Spiritual dimension asked her to revisit that experience and deeply explore it. She was shown a concept she would adopt which was a trinity of characters, Raver J, and the go-go twins, Zoe and Zephyr. Accepting the challenge, she chose to trust and follow the mission of creating these characters and their co-invested story.


    Although artistically she has taken on the name of the character, and the story is influenced by her life, the story is still highly "fictionalized" though it could be interpreted as from another dimension. Over the years, JIVANA as the creatrix of this tale, began to realize that the spiritual journey of the character ran parallel to her own. With the various trials JIVANA has had to overcome to continue to work on this project, she started to understand the meaning behind this long project as the call from Cosmic and Planetary Spirit to (self) initiate into magickal and priestess arts.


    Both Humanity, the Anthropos, and the Planet (Gaia) are in challenging times. The answer to the "climate crisis" will not be solved from the same paradigm of systems thinking that created it. This is challenging because the current widespread solution narrative is still dependent on that old system. If we are not careful with critically examining the narratives and the actions they provoke, we may end up further exacerbating the situation under what we think are "good intentions" such as commoditization schemes currently underway that serve to displace eco-harmonious custodians of the land.


    What JIVANA shares with her stories is a journey to view societal and planetary issues with a real but playful perspective. She considered this important because she believes it will maintain the sense of Hope and Inspiration that is not needed but has fueled the changes and paradigm shifts since time immemorial.


    JIVANA is offering this new myth to the electronic music cultural canon as a means to encourage this exceptionally creative culture to use their imaginative (magickal) powers to continue to share their visions of seeing beyond, so we may all reshape and rework our world into true Life-giving, Nature-valuing based societies.


    She has been asked by fellow starseeds where she is from. JIVANA says she is of Gaia, although she has a deep resonance with Pleiades and Venus. Above, Beyond, and Within - we are One, All is One - Transcendant but Immanent - Here, Now, YOU.



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    Raver J


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  • "Jivana"

    Jivana can mean "life" but is defined by the creatrix here as "liberation". But it is not liberation from this planet, this 3D-reality so much as the liberation into expanded individual and collective consciousness while remaining tethered to Earth realm under the auspice that we are empowered guardians and co-creators of 3D.

    Although Raver J could be applied to the individual character, the name also applies to any raver who chooses to accept the challenge of living a more liberated life by following a spiritually conscious path. This may be finding the courage to further step into powers one knows they have or allowing oneself the courage to start the journey to tap into the innate but possibly latent powers available to us all as a birthright. We have a right and a duty to dream and explore other dimensions so we may channel the Love that will transform this realm.

    Anyone can choose to be a "Jivana" aka "Raver J".